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Version: 7.3

Custom Web Index

This doc only applies to projects using Webpack

As of v6, all Redwood projects use Vite by default. When switching projects to Vite, we made the decision to add the the entry file, web/src/entry.client.tsx, back to projects.

If you're using Webpack, this is all still applicable—keep reading.

You may have noticed that there's no call to ReactDOM.render in your Redwood app. That's because Redwood automatically mounts the App component in web/src/App.js to the DOM. But if you need to customize how this happens, you can provide a file named index.js in web/src and Redwood will use that instead.


To make this easy, there's a setup command that'll give you the file you need where you need it:

yarn rw setup custom-web-index

This generates a file named index.js in web/src that looks like this:

import { hydrateRoot, createRoot } from 'react-dom/client'

import App from './App'
* When `#redwood-app` isn't empty then it's very likely that you're using
* prerendering. So React attaches event listeners to the existing markup
* rather than replacing it.
const rootElement = document.getElementById('redwood-app')

if (rootElement.hasChildNodes()) {
hydrateRoot(redwoodAppElement, <App />)
} else {
const root = createRoot(redwoodAppElement)
root.render(<App />)

This's actually the same file Redwood uses internally. So even if you don't customize anything, things still work the way they did.