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Version: 2.x

Installation & Starting Development

We'll use yarn (yarn is a requirement) to create the basic structure of our app:

yarn create redwood-app ./redwoodblog

You'll have a new directory redwoodblog containing several directories and files. Change to that directory and we'll start the development server:

cd redwoodblog
yarn redwood dev

A browser should automatically open to http://localhost:8910 and you will see the Redwood welcome page:

Redwood Welcome Page


Remembering the port number is as easy as counting: 8-9-10!

The splash page gives you links to a ton of good resources, but don't get distracted: we've got a job to do!

First Commit

Now that we have the skeleton of our Redwood app in place, it's a good idea to save the current state of the app as your first commit...just in case.

git init
git add .
git commit -m 'First commit'

git is another of those concepts we assume you know, but you can complete the tutorial without it. Well, almost: you won't be able to deploy! At the end we'll be deploying to a provider that requires your codebase to be hosted in either GitHub or GitLab.

If you're not worried about deployment for now, you can go ahead and complete the tutorial without using git at all.