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Version: 2.x

GoTrue Authentication


The following CLI command will install required packages and generate boilerplate code and files for Redwood Projects:

yarn rw setup auth goTrue

If you prefer to manually install the package and add code, run the following command and then add the required code provided in the next section.

cd web
yarn add @redwoodjs/auth gotrue-js


You will need to enable Identity on your Netlify site.

Add the GoTrue-JS package to the web side:

yarn workspace web add gotrue-js

Instantiate GoTrue and pass in your configuration. Be sure to set APIUrl to the API endpoint found in your Netlify site's Identity tab:

import { AuthProvider } from '@redwoodjs/auth'
import GoTrue from 'gotrue-js'
import { FatalErrorBoundary } from '@redwoodjs/web'
import { RedwoodApolloProvider } from '@redwoodjs/web/apollo'

import FatalErrorPage from 'src/pages/FatalErrorPage'
import Routes from 'src/Routes'

import './index.css'

const goTrueClient = new GoTrue({
APIUrl: '',
setCookie: true,

const App = () => (
<FatalErrorBoundary page={FatalErrorPage}>
<AuthProvider client={goTrueClient} type="goTrue">
<Routes />

export default App