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Version: 5.x

Toast Notifications

Did you know that those little popup notifications that you sometimes see at the top of a page after you've performed an action are affectionately known as "toast" notifications? Because they pop up like a piece of toast from a toaster!

Example toast animation

Redwood supports these notifications out of the box thanks to the react-hot-toast package. We'll refer you to their docs since they're very thorough, but here's enough to get you going.

Add the Toaster Component

To render toast notifications, start by adding the Toaster component. It's usually better to add it at the App or Layout-level than the Page:

import { Toaster } from '@redwoodjs/web/toast'

const MainLayout = ({ children }) => {
return (
<Toaster />

export default MainLayout

Call the toast function

To render a toast notification, call the toast function or one of its methods:

import { toast } from '@redwoodjs/web/toast'

// ...

const PostForm = () => {
const onSubmit = () => {
try {
// Code to save a record...
toast('User created!')
} catch (e) {
// There's also methods for default styling:
toast.error("Error creating post...")

return (
// JSX...

export default PostForm